How best to profit from the inevitable rise in oil price ?

Even a nitwit like me understands that oil will go up to over 0, so I want to make use of today's bargain price. What gives me the best leverage at the least cost / hassle? Triple leveraged ETF"s, options, futures ? Can anyone describe the pro's and con's in a nutshell?

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  1. b2fnow Says:

    If you are talking long-term, there's no way you could do this in a leveraged position. Futures are out. Triple-leveraged is out. The price of oil can go as low as the average cost of production, half of where it is now, or less. With a leveraged position, you would end up owing your house to your broker.

    Options expire, and are a time-wasting asset. Out

    You can also profit from owning good oil company shares, like Marathon (MRO) or Schlumberger, the leading service provider. It's hard to go wrong with the best. The OIH is an index of oil companies.

    Or buy the ETF's, OIL is a good one, like owning a stock, unleveraged.

  2. Alvie Says:

    Perhaps the price of oil will eventually go back up. The only question is when and from what price. It can be a few months from now or a few years from now. And it can go back up from $20 per barrel rather than from today's price of $37 per barrel.

    You might have to sit on big paper losses for a long, long time before you make any money from your oil investments. There is no such thing as a sure thing in any type of investment, including oil.

    And one more thing you need to consider is the fact that leveraged investments go down in price a lot more than unleveraged investments. And you might not be able to recover your losses if your leveraged investment in oil goes down too much.