How can i become a petroleum engineer?

I really want to become a petroleum engineer I am currently a freshmen in college.what should i do? Any current petroleum engineers out there have any advice for me? It would be much appreciated. Thank You!
Do you know of any colleges in California that have this?

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  1. ? Says:

    There are various colleges and universities in US in graduation and post graduation level that teach courses with the best faculty, infrastructure, and latest technology and therefore can help students become able Petroleum Engineers. These institutes also facilitate campus placements which candidates can utilize to their advantage.Top 5 colleges and universities are:-
    Stanford University in Stanford, California
    Texas A & M University
    Pennsylvania State University
    The University of Texas at Austin
    University of South California

  2. KAMLESH_H Says:

    There are many universities which offering above course.
    1. MIT Pune
    2. Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad


    University of Alaska – Fairbanks
    Colorado School of Mines
    University of Kansas
    Louisiana State University and A&M College
    University of Louisiana at Lafayette
    Marietta College
    Missouri University of Science and Technology
    Montana Tech of the University of Montana
    New Mexico Tech
    University of Oklahoma
    Penn State University
    University of Texas – Austin
    Texas A & M
    Texas Tech
    University of Tulsa
    West Virginia University
    University of Wyoming