How can I buy crude oil shares?

If I want to invest in crude oil, how can I do it? I am planning to invest about 1000$. So, it’s not a hige investment too.

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  1. Mogseye Says:

    You can’t actually buy shares in crude oil itself but you can buy shares in Oil companies. If you want to trade the ups and downs of the oil price then you’ll need to buy and sell oil futures. Easiest way is to spread bet the oil price via a spread betting company.

  2. NextMove Says:

    You can’t buy shares in crude. You have to buy futures contracts. The contract will however have a date on it. If you do not sell the contract before that date is reached prepared to have $1000 worth of crude oil in front of your house.

  3. Robert M Says:

    buy USO for $1000 you can get 30 shares or so.

  4. EquityCraft Says:

    For Live Crude Oil price charts, see the website referred below.

    Crude Oil Futures contracts are traded in Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. (MCX) under "Energy". To trade in India, you need a PAN Card and a Commodities trading account with an online stock broker in India. Contact a stock broker convenient to you.

  5. pp Says:

    Buy shares of Those Companies who are engaged in oil exploration and refining and that will expose yoiu to crude.

  6. Steve qa Says:

    Well I would not invest in oil it still has a inflated price and inventory shows it will drop like a rock soon.