How can I get a genuine supplier of Crude Oil?

I work as an agent to a big conglomerate and I currently searching on the best way to get a reliable crude oil expecially the Nigerian Bonny Light. I will appreciate if anyone could assist.

3 Responses to “How can I get a genuine supplier of Crude Oil?”

  1. richard Says:

    Contacting the Nigerian Embassy is fine but you will be directed to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Dealing with the NNPC is like dealing with the federal government of the country and the policies, conditions, modalities are very streamlined and meeting those conditions might pose some difficulties. It’s always best to use independent sellers that already have allocation from the NNPC, this way you could boycot those stringent condition. I worked with someone who contacted George Mike Investment Co., they are reliable mandates to work with. Here is their site:

  2. Kittysue Says:

    Since you are with a big conglomerate, contact the commercial section of the Nigerian embassy in your country. They will help you with a list of legitimate suppliers – it’s their job to promote Nigerian businesses in your country

  3. Victor Says:

    I agree with Richard. If you have to go through NNPC you should also consider going through processes that take time. I work directly in contact with a mandate to different confirmed allocation holders. They have procedures they work with and is not subject to amendment. i have a list of all the procedures so if you are interested you can send me an email to . Please note that there is no form of upfront payment. Seller allows buyer inspectors to come onboard t inspect product. Better still if you are in Nigeria we can arrange to meet; I think that is better s you see who you are dealing with.

    Awaiting your response