How can I profit/benefit from OIL Drilling off my coast?

I have to deal with the traffic and the increased ‘Seepage’ on my beaches. Oh, and I get nothing–> Just increased gas prices. Sign me up! Wake up people, you will not benefit one iota from Drilling More Oil off the coast of California.
and Yes, our Board of Supervisors has basically invited the oil companies to drill anywhere they have leases of our coast. They are calling it an ‘Energy Crisis’

6 Responses to “How can I profit/benefit from OIL Drilling off my coast?”

  1. right you are ken Says:

    Isn’t California one of the states no drilling would take place if drilling were to start?

    I think you’re putting the cart in front of the horse. Unless Obama loses the election this whole drilling frenzy started by the republicans may not happen at all. I do give the brains of the GOP credit. They drove the price of oil from twenty to one twenty in less than six years, gave the go ahead to business to revert to their basest level of greed knowing there would be no repercussions, only bailouts and in turn business drove the economy into the ground with their greed. They have now once again hyped up their base with the more drilling and nuclear power plant rallying cry. With the addition of Governor Palin to the ticket, the family values and religious right are foaming. The issues have flown out the window in place of attacking and blaming the democrats for everything. Accountability and responsibility, doesn’t it sound nice alongside being fiscally conservative? Never mind none of it is accurate. They’ll dutifully vote republican again this election even with many disliking McCain.

    If our government and business were truly concerned, building new refineries would have much more of an impact than drilling.

  2. Hi, Vote Nader! Says:

    You’ll end up with Oil sands too, then they can come dig up your beach

  3. Jim S Says:

    Well, you could buy shares in the oil companies. But I fail to see how drilling oil will increases prices? Is this what passes for logic by liberals today?

  4. Roll The Dice Says:

    Wow, you couldn’t see water if you were sittin in the middle of a lake on a rubber raft.

  5. mutantalbino Says:

    You could get a job there.

  6. Time travler Says:

    Oh really. Have you not heard of the new millionaires in North Dakota who have struck oil lately. Who said anything about drilling more off of California. They are talking about drilling in Alaska among other places. Do check out what is going on in North Dakota though. It’s true many farmers are becoming millionaires up there.