How could Obama possibly lower gas prices if he is against oil drilling?

All I hear from Democrats is how Obama will make everything affordable, yet he is against drilling for more oil.
Sorry democrats but you can't have it both ways ( I mean attacking our president for the gas prices AND attacking him for wanting to drill more oil) what are the opinions out there about this matter? happy answering!
If Obama were to raise taxes on the oil companies the last thing they would do is lower the prices of gasoline!
That is literally saying " give us ( the government) more money and take less from the people" like they would do that? yeah right!

20 Responses to “How could Obama possibly lower gas prices if he is against oil drilling?”

  1. obama smear the fear monger Says:

    havent you heard any of his speeches? oh thats right, he has NEVER gave any input as to how he will help us.
    he DID say he favored the gas prices going up though.
    quote, "This has to be, I just wish it had been a little more gradual and not overnight."

    this has to be?
    mexico buys gas from us and sells it for $2.69 a gallon, google it. yes they have their own oil wells BUT they buy there gas from us because their wells dont produce enough for them.
    google it!

  2. midcenturydesigner Says:

    I don't know the answer to that. In fact, I have not heard anything sound on how to fix the energy crisis. All he says is change, sorry I can't help you.

    McCain on the other hand is talking about drilling, implementing some 40 nuclear clean energy plants. At least he's talking solutions and not that he will bring "change" whatever that means. I hope some Obama supporters can enlighten us.

  3. Forget War Buy More Says:

    It will cost 4 to 6 billion to build one new refinery. How would that lower prices at the tank?

  4. The Wise One Says:

    He can't! He's also against nuclear power – which will also help and lower gas prices safely. Vote McCain to lower gas prices!

  5. Rick w Says:

    Dont believe the hype!
    Obama is the Flava – Flav
    of politics.

    Hes the guy in the background yellin, YEA BOY

  6. jessieH Says:

    Why, by raising our taxes, of course. That's why they tell us they will do this, or do that. It's our money in the first place. We should fire the lot of them.

  7. Roustabout Says:


  8. Black Atheist Man Says:

    the song "Barack Obama"

  9. blueyellowmonkey Says:

    Increased oil drilling could start TOMMOROW if necessary. We are not using all our available resources at hand. People should realize that increasing domestic drilling is a necessary step we as a nation should be in favor of (especially if we want the gas prices down!). And of course, in the long term we will have to move toward new alternative sources.

  10. MiCarl Says:

    He'll lower gas prices by raising taxes on the oil companies. The oil companies will respond by lowering….oh wait.

    Maybe that won't work.

    But they will hire more… Oh.

    Just never mind.

    Don't confuse me with facts! I want change!

  11. Marcia B Says:

    We can decrease DEMAND in this country. That's how!

    Drilling tomorrow won't lead to more supply for 5 – 10 years. How is that helpful? BTW, the oil companies don't want to open new drilling and refining operations. They have tens of thousands of untouched sites they opted to leave fallow.

  12. letfreedomring Says:

    OK for people who do not understand what supply and demand is all about….

    They are already talking about lowering the price so they can keep us addicted.

    This will mean more money in the long run for them.. kinda like a junkie wants to keep selling drugs. The price might be high but they are never to high that people will not come up with the cash.

    If there is not as much of a demand for oil it will cost less.

    To wrap things up.. we are in a situation right now. We can make choices to change it now or have the same situation again. One day if we keep putting it off we really could run out of oil.
    Starting to slowly make the changes now is the smart way to plan ahead for Americas future.

  13. Boatman1 Says:

    He cannot—— however Democrats in Congress can by preventing recovery of our on shore and off shore — KNOWN reserves which are 86 billion barrels offshore— and 800 billion barrels or more on shore.
    Article links on my blog site & editorial

  14. Catita Says:

    funny! you answer your own question…..its impossible, unless he thinks he can sit down and convince Chavez or other oil king to drill more crude….let me think…the answer is no.

  15. Tin Foil Hat Wearing Liberal Says:

    Obama cant think of a solution that doesnt involve raising taxes. Its his ONLY "solution"

  16. just me Says:

    I agree! Anyone with an ounce of intelligence has to know at this point that Obama and the DNC actually are in favor of the high gas prices (the Al Gore influence perhaps)! They have criticized every idea to help alleviate our gas pump pain and have offered absolutely NOTHING to help! Obama even "admitted" that this is the case. When asked if the high gas prices are actually helping us, he stated: "Well, I would have preferred a more gradual adjustment".

    Everyone really should read the link and article provided by Boatman 1 and then forward it to their Congressman or Senator! He really does make a lot of sense.

  17. Scot S Says:

    The biggest consumer of oil in the world, by far, is the U.S. military.

    No war means no need for military means more oil for everyone else.

    McCain would substantially increase the military and thus consumption of oil.

  18. nosnod™ Says:

    ok, I'll try not to get ugly about this…for those that keep saying it wont help for 10 years"if we had done this 10 years ago we wouldn't be in this mess…just because the oil companies drill it doesn't mean they have to use it right now(they can cap it off and use it when needed)…what will happen is it will force other countries to lower their price to stay competitive…or we will just use what we have here and not buy from them…now for those that keep saying we need to stop using so much gas "you guys stay home" I don't drive any where I don't have to,I cant afford to… when I do go some where I take others with me so we don't all have to use different cars to go to the same place…we do need other sources of energy and we should be working on it but what would Obama have us do until we have these other sources, stop driving to work, the grocery store what do these people want from us…

    one last thing,lets see where Obama stands on this issue around the middle of September…
    always nosnod

  19. Barney Says:

    Ahhhh, a woman after my own heart, a woman with brains. XXX,OOO

  20. Page1344 Says:

    As long as the Commodities Futures Modernization Act goes unchanged nothing anyone does will matter. You can drill your little hearts out and completely destroy the environment, but nothing will change as long as speculators are allowed to run amok.

    Simply adding the words "and energy" to the Commodities Futures Modernization Act would bring gas prices down overnight.

    80% of all known oil off the continental shelf of the United States have already been granted permits to drill, but those that would do the drilling are sitting on those permits. Ask yourself why.