How did conservatives feel when Bush moved a measure to prevent price gouging?

Isn’t that like… psst… the ‘S’ word Socialism? Wasn’t that a slap in the face to all those who screamed the praises of pure Capitalism. I mean, govt intervention on behalf of the people. Who did he think he was, some radical revolutionary? Who was he to interfere with real progress? Shouldn’t grocery stores be allowed to double, or even triple their prices, before a suspected natural disaster etc. Supply and demand right? Isn’t that the American way. Or is intervention Ok just sometimes? You know, when it’s convenient for the exploiter as well as the exploited.;_ylt=AqcEsG9L6z7mtlfyHjR28HTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090308162917AAbdKzM
I’ve failed in my mission to show the evil of pure capitalism

3 Responses to “How did conservatives feel when Bush moved a measure to prevent price gouging?”

  1. Ronpaulblican Says:

    How can you show the evil of free market capitalism when we haven’t had free market capitalism? If you are using Bush as the card up your sleeve you will have to find a better argument. When the Federal Reserve is abolished along with the income tax, when we get back to a limited gov’t and sound money, when prices, rates and markets are no longer fixed and manipulated by central bankers & gov’t for the benefit of themselves and their cronies, when the gov’t stops borrowing trillions of dollars to expand our empire overseas – then, and only then, can we have this discussion. Free market capitalism does not currently exist and it hasn’t in a long time.

  2. Water Over Gold Says:

    Obama’s the president.

    Keep ignoring it and maybe he’ll disappear.

  3. DAR Says:

    Is anyone saying Bush didn’t introduce socialism?

    Ron Paul was loud and clear about it at the time.

    (sorry about the mission thing. We did follow your link to your question though….)