How did you approach a land owner to buy that piece of property?

We have found a piece of land we are interesting in buying, but don´t know the right approach when asking the owner about it.
Does anyone out there want to share their similar experience?

4 Responses to “How did you approach a land owner to buy that piece of property?”

  1. glenn Says:

    Back in 1959 my Dad saw a property he wanted to buy that was not for sale. He loaded up the car with all us kids and met with the farmer and talked to him for hours. Finally the guy decided to sell and my Mom and Dad built a new house on the property.

    It is not a good way to get a good price on the property- you will pay higher than top dollar-if these people wanted to sell it would have a sign out front and you could call that sign number and act only mildly interested.

  2. x-Angel eyes-x Says:

    Im sooooo tired but cannot go to sleep got to go to work soon!!! How annoying xxx

  3. james Says:

    get ahold of them, knock on door, telephone,
    and just ask.
    Tell ’em your interested, and how much would they like for it !

  4. loanmasterone Says:

    You would have to find a way of communicating your desire to the land owner. If you know where the land owner reside you might write a letter, or knock on his door and let him know of your desires.

    You might ask if he has thought about selling this property and if he had what would he consider a good price for the land.

    I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.

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