How difficult would a double major in petroleum engineering and business administration be?

I’d like to start off as a petroleum engineer and then eventually return for my mba to possibly someday run a major oil company.

3 Responses to “How difficult would a double major in petroleum engineering and business administration be?”

  1. Paul Says:

    Don’t listen to Chuckle. I’m Double majoring in Petroleum Engineering and Geology! It’s tough, I had to go to summer school 3 times. Once before my first fall semester. Sophomore now. But it is doable! However, my fields are related, so it will only take me 4 and a half years.

    You are a totally different animal. Your fields are black and white. Thus it will take 5 or 6 years for a dual degree in PETE and Business. Which is not smart BECAUSE you will have 2 bachelor degrees in 5-6 years, HOWEVER there are programs like at the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas at Austin that have programs that allow you to get your bachelor degree in PETE and a MASTERS degree in business in FIVE years!! Not all schools offer this but these two do. Another reason why double majoring in Business and PETE is not smart (if you are not going to a school that has the 5 year MBA plan) is because doing so would take 5-6 years. If you were to just be normal like everyone else, you could get your PETE degree in 4 years and a Master’s Degree in Business in two more years! The same amount of time it would take you to get two bachelor degrees!!

    Good luck! Don’t go for a double bachelor unless you are going to UT or OU or another school (I’m not aware of any others though) that have a planned curriculm for young men to get their bachelor’s in PETE with a Master’s in Business in five years!

    Good luck man!

  2. ted tron Says:

    If you are going to return for an MBA, don’t bother with the undergraduate BBA.

  3. Chuckles Says:

    Never do a double major with any field of engineering. You will need 6 years to do it if you expect decent grades.