How do i address my landlord's family from staying out of my yard (they are not paying tenants here)?

The extended family does not live on our street, but across town. The landlord (owner of a two story house), lives three houses away. When his family feel like it, they will use our lawn (where we rent with 1 other family below), and bring their 4 kids,now they are also growing in size to bring their kids friends, and even their dog running off the leash to play in our yard for HOURS. They even bring snack for the kids and sort of camp out all day some days. Man, as of recently. We at times have to cancel having friends and family who were planning to come over as they will come whenever, randomly, and impose on a private get together. One time just my daughter and I. Another with my partner and I kissing in our yard…They expect tp play, bring boku supplies,….and stay randomly for hours!They dont seem to care when we are in our yard first (i.e., sledding or frollicking in the grass, or playing frisbee privately), but will just invade our private moments and take over with their own family and loud playing.
they, even the adult son of the owner, have never have asked if its ok. The wife has never even introduced herself politely as I certainly would have if my husband dragged me to a strangers home who also was my father in laws tenants and who lived somewhere across town and I really wanted to play in the yard they were renting, maybe at the very least?!). They even brought their own shovels the last 3 times to alter the yard and make snow jumps for their kids—in OUR yard.
from what I understand, even the landlord cant hang out in our yard, and needs to make 24 hour advance rqeuests to come repair property or do maintenance on the land and whereabouts.
We rent along with the neighbors, and have access to the property which was the caveat for my renting this for my family. this has become too frequent and too much. Its very stressful.
I feel this sends a bad message by allowing this. "Please treat us like peons" and sends an equal message to my kid that its ok, while sending a message to their kids that "ok!go ahead… its your fun and their yard but it doesnt matter since they just rent here."
I feel they are disrespecting my family since we are renters (and thereby seem to be 2nd class citizens or something). I dont mind children using this wonderful yard. We love thsi yard,w hich is why I picked this place to rent of others!… It is the justice and the principal of it. The audacity and sense of entitlement the parents have is shocking… the disrespect for my family and its privacy. AND we pay lots of dinero to live here, They own their own house elsewhere as far as I know.
Also, I am not allowed to have a dog and theirs runs off a leash, peeing and pooping on our hill!
I also have been watching and taking photos. One day they were throwing snowballs and making lots of noise for hours. My daughter and I were home sick, I was trying to catch up with some work, she was resting, and the woman downstairs’ husband had died a week or so earlier. I expected quiet for all of us at this address that weekend. The 9 of them came with people and animals and stayed for hours, having fun on our rental property, and playing right under thsi poor greiving woman’s windows. Of course no one is saying anything yet. 1) It is AWKWARD and weird in the first place to even be happening, and 2) It makes the tenants feel that they cant complain because it involves the owners family, 3) Ironically, although we have full rights to speak up and ask for this to not continue…
How can I address this respectfully to the owner who is the proud father/grandfather to these ignorant (i am granting them the benefit of the doubt that they dont realize what they are doing as they seem to be decent people) aka, invaders? Please advise. I have many options from nice to not so nice running through my thorough brain. I want to be nice, respectful, although we are being very disrepected.Thats my style. If nothing works, I call the police and dog warden;-) (JJK).
Thank you!

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  1. Luvs Food Says:

    In my state, A landlord and a realtor has to give 24 hours notification to you before coming into your property. You as the tenant can waive that right if you choose. Only in emergency situations may the landlord enter your property without notifying you: It’s winter and the furnace broke / a water pipe burst / etc.

    chances are years before that either he or his family members lived on the property and were used to having all their parties there. However, neither he nor his family resides at this address any longer. Unless your lease gives his family the right to be there, it doesn’t matter that he owns the property… I don’t think they have any legal right to be there unless they are renting the property from him. although I’m not an attorney and haven’t played on tv – lol. It just seems common sense that they have no right to be there – but you should re-check exactly what your lease says. Maybe even call the town hall housing department and ask what the law is in your town.

    1. The first thing you need to do is talk to your downstairs neighbors and see how they feel about this.

    Hopefully they feel the same way you do.

    2. If they feel the same way, you BOTH need to schedule a meeting with the landlord immediately and explain together that you feel this is in violation of your rights as a paying tenant. You are paying to live there & have full use of the property as paying tenants. Only the people YOU (the paying tenants) invite should be allowed to use the property. You might even want to tape the meeting if possible.

    3. Tell your landlord that if it ever happens again the 2 of you (both paying tenants) will alert the local housing authority and also the Selectmen in your town to complain about this. Let him know that the Police will be notified of anyone trespassing on the property. Chances are he will not want problems with the Town Hall or the Police Dept.

    4. And I would call the police IMMEDIATELY as soon as I saw someone on the property (after making sure it was NOT my neighbors friends/family) and have the police remove everyone from the property if it happens again. have a copy of your lease so that you can prove to the police you live there – and that they do not. His extended family and friends DO NOT have rights to the property UNLESS it says that they do in your lease.

  2. Ghost of Zeuz Says:

    Simple way of addressing the problem — put up "No Trespassing Signs" and then call the police.

  3. Patrick Lea, A Cincy Realtor(R) Says:

    I am not an attorney, so this is not legal advice.

    1. Check your lease… does it say it’s okay for the landlord to use it? I am currently at one of my tenant’s places staying the night, because we agreed that I could crash here when I am in Atlanta. It’s a little wierd for some, but it works out.

    2. Assuming the lease does not give them the right… Ask politely and snd a registered letter with a respectful request to have them knock it off.

    3. Call an attorney.

  4. My Take on It Says:

    Ok, first off, your post is just way to long and rambling for me to get through.

    Second, has it ever occured to you to TALK to the landlord about such rude behaviour? You are renting this place, therefore, if the yard is included in your rental agreement, that means he cannot just send his family over there to frolick. You first need to take this up with the landlord. I would imagine he has a yard 3 blocks away where he lives, right? LOL