How do I begin the process of selling/leasing mineral rights?

My family owns mineral rights on around 500 acres of land in polk county texas. How do i start the process of looking into selling/leasing the land to look for oil or natural gas? besides post a question on yahoo =) thanks for your time

One Response to “How do I begin the process of selling/leasing mineral rights?”

  1. Lsu Tigers Says:

    As far as leasing goes, if an operator was interested in exploring for oil/natural gas near your 500 acres, they would be contacting you to lease your land. An exploration company would usually have to have a specific interest in exploring your area before they would consider leasing your mineral rights.

    Finding an investor to purchase a all or a percentage of your mineral rights may be possible. If there is some production within a few miles of this property they may have an investor willing to acquire some of your mineral rights on speculation of future oil/natural gas discovery.

    You should send a description of your property (net acres, survey, owner name, etc) to mineral buyers and seek an offer for your interest. You can send me an e-mail with the same and I may be able to provide more specifics.