How do I get into petroleum engineering?

I’m going into college as a freshman this year but the university that I’m going to doesn’t offer petroleum engineering as a major. I’m going to transfer to another university for graduate school but what should I do for now?

3 Responses to “How do I get into petroleum engineering?”

  1. oil field trash Says:

    Go for a chemical engineering degree with a minor in geology. That will cover a lot of material that a petroleum engineer needs. In some universities you can actually get a dual degree in chemical/petroleum engineering.

  2. Peedlepup Says:

    As a freshman just concentrate on fulfilling all the "prerequisite", and (fill in the subject) 101 classes. Take any advanced math classes that are available. Good luck on your career.

  3. claytr0n Says:

    Just because it was listed as the highest paying job on Yahoo’s front page yesterday doesn’t mean you should pursue it.

    But if you really wanted to, then you’d simply need to transfer to a school that does offer it.