How do I get Petroleum Jelly out of my hair?

One of my friends thought that it would be funny to put petroleum jelly in my hair, and now I can’t get it out. I’ve washed it at least 15 times, and I’ve even put cornstarch in it. How else can I get it out?

6 Responses to “How do I get Petroleum Jelly out of my hair?”

  1. Chrissi Says:

    Dish soap.

    Lots of it.

  2. Devin Says:

    peanut butter, or tomato juice?

  3. dumplingmuffin Says:

    do not wet it first,put shampoo on first and rub in well then use water

  4. Izy Says:

    tomato juice

  5. Sid Says:

    You will need some solvent to wash it off.or just try with toilet soap many times !

    Anyone to help me here

  6. david d Says:

    You should use Dawn dish detergent. Dawn is a very good grease remover. I even use Dawn to wash greasy car parts.