How do I invest in crude oil?

I need an answer, how to invest in crude oil, no matter how risky. Oil from Egypt specificly !!!

4 Responses to “How do I invest in crude oil?”

  1. Chief Says:

    Energy ETFs
    I can’t tell you witch one is the best buy, but you can look at these on a chart and compare: There are a lots of investors that think energy is a good sector.
    1x Leverage = IYE, IEO, IEZ, IXC, XLE, OIH, XOP
    2x Leverage = DIG, REA ( 2x is for aggressive investors )
    3x Leverage = ERX ( 3x is for more aggressive investors )
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  2. Jacob Matthes Says:

    invest in a oil mining company.

  3. Aaron Says:

    Become the US president

  4. ravindra Says:

    invest crude oil this is us based company.