How do i sell crude oil from my oil well?

They found oil in 1951 and capped the oil well and i don’t know how to get the oil company’s to buy the oil.

2 Responses to “How do i sell crude oil from my oil well?”

  1. Joe U Says:

    Go to your state’s regulatory department for oil and gas wells and obtain a permit for that well.
    Hire a petroleum geologist to check the well and determine its production rate
    Once you have that permit and information then find a refinery which will purchase your oil.
    When the oil is sold, contract with a recovery company to get the oil out of the ground and a trucking company to get it to the refinery.

    Or, you could sell the well and mineral rights to me for $5.00

  2. golferwhoworks Says:

    once capped it isn’t in production–so where is the oil you want them to buy? Have you reopened the well with out a permit? This isn’t making sense.