How do petroleum engineers contribute to the community?

Are they ever directly involved in the community?
jsd_81: I don’t like your answer at all. That was the entire point of this question. Anyone can google what petroleum is used for. Thanks for nothing. You don’t answer a question to tell the OP that they need to do some thinking.

This could be a simple yes or no answer. I wanted answers from engineers who work in that field, and I got none.

2 Responses to “How do petroleum engineers contribute to the community?”

  1. AJ Says:

    By earning money and spending it on drugs, poker and hookers…

    I wish schools taught something useful instead of crap like this.

  2. jsd_81 Says:

    Do some thinking. How is petroleum used? What is it good for? Does the community use petroleum or its derivatives. They may not be directly involved, but their job is necessary since we all need petroleum in one way or another.