How do we oil and natural royalty,from property that producing, if we didn't sign lease.?

My neighbor signed a oil & natural lease for ,000.acre with chesapeake after chesapeake had
agreed to ,000 per acre.Chesapeake said oil & gas prices were down and offered ,000 an
acre, which me & my wife choose not to accept. About a month before they drilled the second
well in my neighborhood a landman came down and offered us ,500 an acre after we refused he
asked me what would we accept, I told him ,000 an acre. we have not heard anymore from him
or them. My neighbor was sent letter to sign up for royalty checks, and have received four checks
and was informed that were three checks behind. they are drawing resources off my land just like
my neighbor that did signed. I’ve had to replace my water well pump like the neighbor around me when they were drilling, and endured the noise of the drilling without any compensation. what can I
do.? The wells are producing and they more than likely have recovered all that were spented.

3 Responses to “How do we oil and natural royalty,from property that producing, if we didn't sign lease.?”

  1. the kid Says:

    You refused all their offers, you get NOTHING.

  2. Steve D Says:

    Not a thing – you turned down two viable offers for rent/royalties..obviously the drillers did not think they could pull enough materials out of the ground to pay for the lease at the present price for oil and gas so they declined your offer. Although the resources are under your land, they by law aren’t drawing off your land since they are only drilling straight down…the fact that the resources flow down to the drill site is irrelevant (and partially what they are counting on). You can try contacting Chesapeake to see if they are still willing to drill for the $8,000 plus royalties, but my guess is that they will counter with less, since the the pool has been depleted.

  3. Common Sense Says:

    If I understand your incredibly poor English you get nothing. They offered and you refused. Case closed.