How do we punish BRITISH Petroleum that practiced Eco-terrorism against USA?

How angry are you?
Louisiana fishing industry alone is a B/yr industry.
BP acts like they are doing everything – but they are miserly on fixing THEIR issue.
What is an appropriate remedy??

7 Responses to “How do we punish BRITISH Petroleum that practiced Eco-terrorism against USA?”

  1. Kane Says:

    Call me imperialist but I’d sieze the companys assests and use every red cent to their name, if necessery, to fully resolve the matter. If it means they’re totally insolvant afterwards then so be it.
    I don’t feel we should abide by the restriction of how far a dollar goes, when it comes to worldwide disaster & mass extinctions.
    Screw money, just get it cleaned up!
    The human race is not ready for the "final-tally" just yet!

    But this government will never do that.

  2. SLIPPER Says:

    Err the company is not British it became a multinational many years ago .

  3. Smells like New Screen Names Says:

    Stop abusing the English language by linking buzzwords together and pretending the word you create has a meaning.

    It is absurd to refer tot he oil spill as eco-terrorism, as that implies a deliberate action and has nothing to do with actual cases of eco-terrorism.

  4. Corneilius Says:

    How about following the example of American eco-terrorism in Bophal India when 25,000 people were killed by an American company.

    Wait a quarter of a centuary, then punish some local officials (and don’t pay compensation).

    Is that good eough for you? Because thats the way an American company have treated Indian people

  5. LadyMoon Baby #2 due 14/09/10!!! Says:

    The company has been multinational for years. Only the name "British" Petroleum remains. Its is entirely private and has nothing to do with the British government or people. Nearly half of its shareholders are American.

    Maybe India should "punish" America for the Union Carbide disaster in Bhopal. As well as killing tens of thousands, there are countless victims still suffering and a whole area which has never recovered.

  6. Lily Evans™ Says:

    No they didn’t practice because it wasn’t intentional besides, I believe the oil rig workers were AMERICAN

  7. Ragnar Says:

    BRTISH Petroleum, that merged in AMOCO in 1998, hasn’t been called BRITISH Petroleum since 2000, just simply BP?

    The same company which is 39% AMERICAN OWNED, has as many AMERICAN directors as BRITISH? Employs 22,000 AMERICANS and 10,000 BRITISH?

    BP pays around $4.2bn dollars a year paid into AMERICAN PENSION FUNDS.

    If we are using words like Eco-Terrorism, then we might aswell add murder. Up to 16,000 in Bhopal by Union Carbide. 167 killed on Piper Alpha, an AMERICAN owned oil platform that exploded in the North Sea. 60,000 British men, women and children killed during WW2 by German aircraft running on fuel supplied by STANDARD OIL OF NEW JERSEY, and many, many more Eastern European and Russian men women and children.

    I could also mention the land mines, trucks and torpedo detonators that GM made for the German military in WW2.

    People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.