How do you get a Petroleum Jelly stain out of a shirt??

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  1. ♥TayLee♥ Says:

    Try some Dawn dish liquid…:)

  2. basia=] Says:

    you wash it. i didn’t kno petroleum jelly left a stain?

  3. Says:

    Sometimes, with oils (which petroleum is) you have to re-activate them. Put a little bit of petroleum on it, then a degreaser…dishwashing soap may work, but not much of it. Good luck.

  4. been_here_and_gone Says:

    Spray N Wash and washing a few times.

  5. Laci A Says:

    Try using your everyday laundry stain fighter before you wash. Add a can of COKE to your washing machine. It’s good for greasy stains

  6. Helga Says:

    Petroleum Jelly is oil, so it will resist the water. The following is a great link to cover all aspects of the stain removal. If the shirt is Dry Clean only, leave it alone and take it to the cleaners, they can get it out. But if it is machine washable, try the info on the DYI site.

  7. TarceD Says:

    Boil 3 or 4 cups of water and once they are very hot, just pour it directly over the stain. Petroleum jelly is grease, so this just melt it away.

    Once you have done that, apply liquid soap over the stain for 10 or 15 minutes and wash it.

    Good luck!

  8. Colleen L Says:

    You are not supposed to get it everywhere just on the spot that needs lubed up! lol

  9. muztenpeg Says:

    I keep a container of Shout under my sink. When I see a spot I treat it before putting it in the shoot. When I do laundry the spots are gone. Try Shout and let it set, it will come out in the laundry.

  10. glorius angel Says:

    Take a plastic knife or a butter knife and scrape over the stained area. Bring up as much of the Vaseline (petroleum Jelly ) as possible.

    Next, use a paper towel or a cloth, wet the cloth with rubbing alcohol and dab at the stained area. You will see a glossy coating and the alcohol will break down the oils in the Vaseline to remove it. Continue this at least three or four times and then go to the next step, as you might not be able to see all the stain when it is wet.

    Make a spray mixture of one-cup warm water and a tablespoon of clear bleach free dish liquid. Spray this on the stained area and blot with a clean paper towel to bring up more of the Vaseline.

    If you still have a stain, spray the area with peroxide and let it dry. This will break up the stain further. Repeat as needed, letting the clothes dry between applications to completely remove any remaining stains.