How do you get rid of Petroleum Jelly?

I’m trying to get ird of the Petroleum Jelly from my rubix cube. I took it all apart and tried soaking it on water. Then i remembered that PJ is watter resistant. What is there that i can use that gets rid of PJ?
I’ve had the jelly there for about a year now

4 Responses to “How do you get rid of Petroleum Jelly?”

  1. grly grl Says:

    trying wiping it off with those thick napkin tissues.. or with a dry cloth.. i’m sure it’ll come off..

  2. joodles1 Says:

    Get a degreaser from a hardware store.

  3. Miss Cassie Says:

    just try scraping it off or wiping it off. depending on how long its already been there

  4. r2-45 Says:

    Wipe it off or steam it off. For chemicals to get it off, look up ‘cosmoline removal’.

    ::cosmoline is used to preserve firearms and other military products and is just an unrefined petromleum jelly.