How do you get someone to drill for oil and gas on your land?

I have land in Coleman County Texas. It is about 200 acres.

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  1. Scott K Says:

    I know nothing about rural Coleman County. Except now, I know it’s in TX. The oil companies have a vast staff of geologists; i.e., scientists that look at the lay of the land, what type of rocks are present, and then make a very educated guess as to whether there might be oil under the ground. Sometimes, there’s a Jed Clampett who finds oil on his ground and then contacts one of the drilling companies or oil companies, but that is rare and becoming more so. If your neighbors all have wells, though and you don’t, you should look into it farther.

  2. estielmo Says:

    Maybe they already are. Did you ever hear of ‘slant-drilling?’

  3. glenn Says:

    I would contact someone that is working in your area with oil and gas and ask them.

    About 70 years ago my grandfather could not get anyone to do it so he hired someone to do it at my grandfather’s cost. They struck gas and my grandfather got the entire benefit- not just a royalty (but it was a huge and expensive risk).

  4. Jerrold J Says:

    You have a very SMALL chance of getting somebody to drill on your 200 acres because for an oil company to invest the time and money to drill, they need a larger acerage block to ensure that they cover the entire reservior if there is one there and as long as they have been drilling and prosecting in Texas, they are fairly covered every acre that could possibly produce oil.
    Prior poster was wrong; oil companies no longer look at surface features or rosk outcropping to determine if oil is present; they now use 3D seismic using basically radio waves to produce a map of underground features in the zones of interest.
    The best thing you can do is see if there are producing oil or gas wells around the area of your property and reseach if there was any attempts to drill close to your property before. Some gas fields are on a 1 sqaure mile per wells drainage plan so it maybe possible to get paid mineral interst without them ever setting foot on your land.

  5. kass_fchsbabe_2007 Says:

    Im not sure about anything like this, I know my grand father out in Texas had 3 acres or less & he got them to drill on his land. If it were me, I would just call the drillers & find out for myself. You never know what could happen now-a-days & that way you want know forsure.