how do you get the petroleum smell off of squeeze balls?

I purchased squeeze balls from Oriental Trading – and the smell of gas on them is horrible. The balls are loved by the kids – but their hands stink after and most have headaches. HELP!

2 Responses to “how do you get the petroleum smell off of squeeze balls?”

  1. Shan Says:

    Most likely the petroleum product is part of the balls, themselves. If so, you’ll never remove the smell.

    My advice? Get rid of the balls! It isn’t worth it. Your children are getting headaches, which is a huge red flag.

    Your children will probably accept the idea of losing the squeeze balls better if you tell them the balls are not good for them and give them a different toy to replace them.

    Also…I would notify the Oriental Trading Company. The balls sound toxic and should not be on the market at all.

  2. hey. Says:

    sorry, sometimes the material of the ball will make them smell like that for good.