How does applying petroleum jelly on your teeth help you smile?

Could someone please explain how this could possibly work?

6 Responses to “How does applying petroleum jelly on your teeth help you smile?”

  1. Frenchie Says:

    When you apply the petroleum jelly to your teeth, It has these chemicals that will not let your two lips to shut… I would not recommend it because who knows what it will have in it….. Ya never know!

  2. Kubster Says:

    its nasty when you try to close your mouth so you keep it open but the smile looks fake

  3. kate10 Says:

    because it tastes gross and if you stop smiling, it gets in your mouth and you taste it. so the person whos ‘wearing’ the petroleum jelly keeps smiling

  4. Always summer time<333 Says:

    taste gross and irritates your lips

  5. I ♡ YOU! I ♡ ME! Says:

    Personally, I’ve never heard of this!

    Apart from the obvious taste factor discouraging you from closing your lips, I’m guessing it would also stop your drying lips from catching on dryish teeth. Nothing a good lip balm and sip of water wouldn’t fix though!

  6. mcdonaldsnuggetaustin Says:

    It makes it easier because it’s slick and your lips move over your teeth.