How does the drill baby drill republicans feel about the U.S. Senate allowing off shore oil drilling in FLorid?

Pres. Bush Sr. wrote the executive order banning the oil drilling here.

Sen. McCain’s senate record votes show his 100% votes against this.

Pres. Bush Jr. could have written an executive order allowing off shore drilling, but did not!

But the 2009 Democratically Controlled Panel did!

The democrats did what no republican above could do!

3.7 billin barrels of oil, and 23.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Enough natural gas to fuel American homes for over 150 Years!

For Sen. McCain and all the republicans crying to bring back the vote for oof shre drilling worked! Americans voted in a Democratic U.S. Government and it worked!

Democrats delivering energy independence from terrorists and Anti-American dictators! And cheaper oil and gas prices, the American way, American Drilling, Rig Building and erection, oil moving jobs, etc…!

American Oil Money Staying the U.S. providing thousands and thousands of jobs!

And Pres. Bush Jr. who sat back and allowed China to pay Cuba to build offshore oil drilling platforms. Dubya taking care of the country paying for his record deficits!

11 Responses to “How does the drill baby drill republicans feel about the U.S. Senate allowing off shore oil drilling in FLorid?”

  1. mopar Mike Says:

    You’re forgeting one very important thing. These men all voted against offshore drilling prior to Dems tanking the housing market by attempting to make every poor person and minority in America a home owner. It’s OK , just a small detail you left out, I don’t mind helping you out. God bless.

  2. CAVEY Says:


  3. AE Neuman Says:

    They realized that they’ve got to sink those wells now, before rising water levels swamp all of Florida up to the panhandle.

  4. ochimo444 Says:

    Hey! call guiness! I can agree with a democrat on something!

  5. Freedom Wins Says:

    LMAO!!! And just where is all this New Drilling taking place??
    Obama stopped the off shore drilling along with Nancy Pelosi running shotgun along with all the environmentalist nuts!! We can pump all the oil we can get our hands on but the EPA and environmentalists have stopped oil companies from building new refineries!!
    I think you need to do some more research on the subject!

  6. Michael H Says:

    When can we start?

  7. Sailing Says:

    But if you read the article this hasn’t gone before congress and it says there are democrats and republicans have some issues with this. So it isn’t a done deal yet.

  8. Maxwell Says:

    Well by your own rational the Republicans are not the drill happy fools, the democrats are.

    maybe they should yell at themselves for "harming the environment"

  9. Eau de Pivoine Says:

    Dude, I have bad news for you. You paid your informers Obama – play money?? They totally misinformed you, dude! It ain’t so! You better pay them real money if the’z gonna deliver you the facts… LOL
    It’s ze dems that are against any on shore drilling, man! You gotta remember this, and you’ll be safe: what the dems say to get into power doesn’t mean they will do after they got it. It’s the rule of thumb, how come they never told you?
    Anyway, this one;s free of charge, from Moi!

  10. Luke Says:

    I’m all for drilling off the coasts of the entire US and ANWR too. Sounds great but I’ll believe it when it actually passes. Congress let the offshore drilling ban expire, they did not and could not issue an executive order as this is the purview of the president, hence the word executive. George W Bush did not need to issue an executive order as he rescinded the existing executive ban after the congressional ban expired. As a result of these 2 items, offshore drilling was once again an option in 2008, but Obama’s Dept of Energy put a hold on it soon after taking office. The Democratic Congress never intended to allow drilling. They just let the ban expire before elections to increase votes as they knew they’d have the votes to reinstate the ban after the election.

    Also, perhaps you could explain what W should have done about China drilling offshore for Cuba. Did you expect Castro would hire Exxon or Haliburton if he asked nicely, or should he have just gone in there with the Navy and taken over the areas for drilling?

  11. Doobee Says:

    Is there any left there, the Cubans have allowed the Chinese to drill there for years! Why was this not done since 2006 when the democrats have controlled the congress? Is it because the president at that time was not a democrat? You bet it is!