how does the protesting in the middle east effect price on oil in the USA?

I know that the prices for oil/gas have been rising in the USA because of the middle east protesting, but what I want to know is HOW is this protesting effecting the oil market?
not how, I mean why is it effecting the prices for oil?
no one is answering the actual question I am asking! WHY is it that protesting in the middle east is effecting the oil market?

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  1. mkendrickj Says:

    In the most extreme case, Libya, the violence is threatening the security of the workers, many of them foreign by the way, the processing and or transport of the oil within and out of Libya and the costs of maintaining the whole process overall, if in fact it is still up and running to begin with right now. Prices can also be affected by the markets and those that invest in it. If they are unsure and or concerned about the security of the business, that can affect the price worldwide. Buyers, sellers and investors are all betting on how threatened the supply could potentially be.
    If the oil business within anyone or more of these oil producing nations is compromised, it can increase the cost to you and me. The harder it is to get and the greater the likelihood is that the supply could be compromised in the near future, the higher the price will be.

    Sorry, I’m not an economist, but basically that’s why the price is increasing.

  2. Jonnyjombo Says:

    This is probably more of a discussion topic than an answer place… I believe that the Oil agreements that we have with the middle east are in Jeopardy, HOWEVER, there is no real immediate danger to us losing our deal i don’t believe. It’s a strange thing. lol

  3. tommy cross Says:

    Idk how they could affect the prices either but I’m sure these big oil companies will find an excuse relating to the protests to rise the prices.