How hard is it to become a petroleum engineer?

I know engineers have a huge job market, and likely an expanding job. Petroleum engineers specifically I have heard get paid very generously. How hard is it to obtain a degree in engineering? Petroleum engineering industry to be more specific? To obtain a bachelors degree in this field, will I have to take very advanced sciences and math? If so, how advanced? Any information would be greatly appreciated. (about petroleum engineering, or just engineering in general)

I am 19 and wanted to learn more about this trade as a possibility for college.

3 Responses to “How hard is it to become a petroleum engineer?”

  1. oil field trash Says:

    It is no harder than other engineering disciplines. Don’t be fooled by the idea that petroleum engineers get much larger pay than other engineers. In some locations there is a slightly higher pay scale for petroleum engineers but it isn’t that much greater.

    Ability and specific job assigment still determines how well any engineer does.

  2. joblagz Says:

    lots of chemistry and calculus
    thats all i know

  3. nafis a Says:

    how hard? it not hard if you really like to know how the oil produce behind the actually very learn a bit about rock,fluid,chemistry, math n mechanic..bcoz petroleum eng is combination of mechanical + chem + geologist..the science n math is just a little bit harder than high are petroleum eng motto " seeing the unseen"..because you deal with thing thousand feet underground and you cant see it..just by indicator of pressure and etc..also every oil field is will never feel repititive in your entire live..i hope that help :)