How hard would it be to *create* crude oil?

As far as I know crude oil is nothing more then hot pressurized biological matter (for millions of years)… Is there anyway we can manipulate to create crude oil? I heard scientist are making a bug that can crap out crude oil

One Response to “How hard would it be to *create* crude oil?”

  1. Frank Says:

    It wouldn’t be hard at all. We have the technology, and we synthesize hydrocarbons all the time. It just takes a lot of energy to do it, more energy than you will get out of burning the oil.

    That energy needed to create hydrocarbons (oil is a hydrocarbon) is a matter of chemistry, so even if we improved our processes for synthesizing oil, you would need to put more energy into making the oil than you can possibly get out of it. Certain reaction need energy, and the reverse reaction gives off energy. There is no reaction that gives off energy in both directions (the physicist’s way of saying that there is no free lunch) except for nulcear reactions, which turn matter into energy.

    Burning oil is not turning matter into energy. You have as much matter after the burning as before (although a lot of it might be gas that floats away), but it is bonded together differently, and the changes in chemical bonds give off energy. Nuclear reactions actually turn molecules into pure energy.