How high does the price of oil have to go?

How high does oil have to get before the American people force the government to drill where we have oil regardless of what the Liberals say.

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  1. Chicken Littles Angry Brother Says:

    The left wants to complain about the price of gas and blame the oil companies, because THEY HAVE NO CLUE OF ECONOMICS!

    I listen to leftist whine everyday about the price gouging of the oil companies, but if they actually opened a book they would learn:

    1. Oil is controlled by world commodities markets who are driving up the price of oil.

    2. China and India are emerging markets and are sucking up oil and other resources like a colony of army ants! Remember the sky rocket in the price of cement a few years ago? Yup, China and there huge building boom.

    3. Ever heard of OPEC? Ya, I would venture to bet 98 % of the whiners were not even alive during the oil embargo of the 70’s.

    4. We use more oil on energy and NOT gas every day in this county. Why can’t we build more clean nuke plants? Thats right, the left won’t let us.

    5. Why does the left block us from drilling in the ANWR and the Gulf?

    6. Why has environmental groups forced us to cap existing oil fields in this country?

    7. When was it that we last built a refinery in the US? Ding, ding, ding…. thats right, over 30 years ago!

    8. The oil companies are making about 7 % profits on gas sales. And thats "gouging"???? I can tell you that in most private business if the profit ratio was only 7 % someone in charge would be fired tomorrow.

    Shall I go on?

  2. Deon A Says:

    Well oil prices will contiue to climb because of India and, China and the decline of the US dollar in value.

  3. I got you...twice. Says:

    10 bucks per gallon.

    I asked this same question in November, when prices were drastically below today’s national average, and most people said 5 bucks. We will see because it definitely isn’t going down!

    And blaming the Liberals for everything your moronic president has allowed doesn’t get you too far.

  4. ¡əʞᴉ Says:

    eleventy gazillion dollars per micron

  5. John S Says:

    Drilling in Alaska and off the coasts will produce just a drop in the bucket for what we need. We are energy hogs in this country and are now paying the price. High prices are good for America as it will force our fat lazy citizens out of their land yachts and into more fuel efficient vehicles. We also might lose some weight as we park at the back of the Wal-Mart parking lot instead of cruising around endlessly waiting for a spot to open up front to park so we don’t expend too much energy getting in the door. I love it.

  6. worldpeace Says:

    you’re totally missing the point.

    the arctic national wildlife refuge only has a small amount of oil. and even if we started drilling there tomorrow, it wouldn’t be available for ten years. besides, its just a drop in the bucket compared to the oil that americans consume in a year.

    there is no way that america will EVER become self-sufficient on our own oil. yes, we can squeeze a little more out, but that won’t do a thing to lower prices.

    we are dealing with GLOBAL supply and demand. global demand has gone way up because of economic growth in the developing world. that is what is raising prices.

    the ONLY way to decrease the price of oil is to decrease demand, and that means making major lifestyle changes like giving up cars and moving to places where we can walk and bike to work.

  7. consrgreat Says:

    The LIBERALS have not allowed gas drilling in Alaska no matter what lies they spin…..and their hero Al Gore has said that gas SHOULD be 6 dollars a gallon…to FORCE people to cut down on driving….coming from a man that spends 16,000 a month on electric for his home and takes his PRIVATE jet around the world…I find this EXTREMELY HYPOCRITICAL of the jerk