How high will gas prices go and jobs will be lost when Obama issues a new ban on oil drilling?

6 Responses to “How high will gas prices go and jobs will be lost when Obama issues a new ban on oil drilling?”

  1. JW Says:

    I estimate gas costing about $5.00 per gallon if obamadinejhad gets his way. That would make his stupid alternative energy sources more cost competitive. That is the typical loser lib mentality "Don’t try to lower the cost of your stupid alternative, raise the price of the competition to your stupid alternative". And then, of course, raise taxes on those who can afford it to subsidize the loser lib voting base.

    Most jobs in the oil drilling industry have already been lost due to obamadinejhad’s moratorium after the gulf oil spill. It is just another greenie weenie ploy to ban oil and replace it with windmills and solar panels.

  2. Freedom was overrated anyway Says:

    Hopefully high enough that we finally start to see cheaper alternatives.

    I know you think the oil spill in the Gulf is fine and dandy now because the media stopped reporting on it, but the effects of the Exxon Valdez are still being felt, so figure it out on your own.

  3. Ed Says:

    This is the best a "top contributor" can contribute?

  4. Reality has a Liberal bias Says:

    It’s NOT a new ban, Sparky:

    "Oil drilling ban to be maintained in key areas, sources say"


    So, STFU.

  5. Bonified Head Says:



  6. justagrandma Says:

    The recent oil spill should have ended that argument for once and for all. The companies who drill buy the leases from us, but we do not own, drill or refine our own oil. Therefore we do not control the costs or amounts of oil drilled from our own shores. It belongs to the various oil companies who then sell it to us.

    You could just as easily want to know how many jobs were lost when the oil spill occurred because that was far more damaging to the economies of three states in terms of tourism and fishing.
    Obama has no plans for new bans. He just wants to maintain the ones passed under Bush in 2006.

    And while some governors are angry about it, the ones who suffered in the last spill are rather happy about it. While the drilling goes on and benefits one state, the dangers come to other state who don’t benefit at all yet pay the price downstream.