How important is mathimatical aptitude for petroleum engineers?

Okay so obviously i know to get the degree I would have to pass all the math courses but how important is that aptitude once you get to work? Or which aptitudes and personalities types matter most to be a petroleum engineer.

One Response to “How important is mathimatical aptitude for petroleum engineers?”

  1. vogted Says:

    I am a chemical engineer and hiring manager in an engineering firm, and I have been doing design work for about 13 years. I would say mathematical aptitude in general for all engineering disciplines is very important. However, this does not mean that you will be solving differential equations day in and day out. Direct applications of calculus are rather rare. In regards to math, you need a keen understanding of basic algebra and geometry. You’ll need this on a pretty much daily basis. You should have escaped 10th grade with most of the math you need day to day. There are engineering jobs that require more complex math, but you should be able to avoid them if you so chose. Of course as a petroleum engineer you will need to understand heat and material balances, fluid mechanics, mass transfer, heat transfer, and kinetics. I use all of these in my daily work, but most of the math is not that hard.

    The key skills you need in engineering are how to approach and solve problems, and how to communicate effectively (take a public speech class!).

    Good luck with your degree.