How Is Barack Obama Going To Help Make Gas & Oil Cheaper?

Can he help lower the prices of Gas & Oil by his first term?

What is Mr. Obama’s plan, and how will he help accomplish lowering the high prices of Gas & Oil?

Instead of drilling for our own oil on our own land and offshore why does Obama plan on just getting more and more oil from Saudi Arabia and the rest of the middle east so all of us Americans can keep funding the building of places like Dubai?

Good point CM… I don’t want to see things finally turning around in 2030! gezz what is Barack thinking… I guess not much because why would he care…? Will he even be in Office by 2030?

I read that in his plan also from his website… by 2030 when the problems are now… That is just dumb.


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  1. CM Says:

    "Set America on Path to Oil Independence
    Obama’s plan will reduce oil consumption by at least 35 percent, or 10 million barrels per day, by 2030. This will more than offset the equivalent of the oil we would import from OPEC nations in 2030.
    * Increase Fuel Economy Standards: Obama will double fuel economy standards within 18 years. His plan will provide retooling tax credits and loan guarantees for domestic auto plants and parts manufacturers, so that they can build new fuel-efficient cars rather than overseas companies. Obama will also invest in advanced vehicle technology such as advanced lightweight materials and new engines."

    This is his plan, but it doesn’t do anything now. His plan doesn’t really start to do anything for another 20+ years. We need to start drilling here on US soil now while we are working on reducing our oil usage all together. We need lower prices now not in 20 years!

    McCain’s plan:
    "Expanding Domestic Oil And Natural Gas Exploration And Production "
    "John McCain Will Propose A $300 Million Prize To Improve Battery Technology For Full Commercial Development Of Plug-In Hybrid And Fully Electric Automobiles. "
    "John McCain Supports Flex-Fuel Vehicles (FFVs) And Believes They Should Play A Greater Role In Our Transportation SectorTransportation Sector."

  2. bog2477 Says:

    didn’t you know that raising taxes and reducing supply of oil helps to loewr the price?!!! God be with us because liberalism is a mental disorder

  3. ILuvmyhubby Says:

    Obama will make sure that middle class and the poor won’t be able to afford drive or heat their homes. So gas and oil prices will go down for the rich.

  4. Jeremiah Says:

    I’m not sure that he will. Hopefully, he will invest money in alternate sources of energy and invest in a better public transportation system.

  5. HDrider Says:

    He’s not he wants to raise the taxes on gas…………..He wants us all to ride the bus,btw he wants us to drop the temperature of our homes in the winter too. He says we keep our homes to warm.

  6. First L Says:

    I have no clue what his plan is. He doesn’t want to remove the gas tax.. He thinks that the so-called $28.00 savings is better in the government’s pocket than the struggling worker.
    I’m not rich like him, I could use the $28.00. It would help pay for my utility bill which I’m proud to say my electric runs me about $21/month because of conservation of energy. I bet he can’t say that.

    It sounds like we’ll pay more for gas and more for taxes under his plan. the problem is, i have no more money to pay the government.

  7. reportmeloser Says:

    Can Obama reduce the price of oil?

    YES HE CAN!!

    Obama can do anything!

    Do you know how……CHANGE.

    CHANGE………..can you feel it?

  8. OB the Wolf Says:

    well i think that you need to do a little more research. he has clearly stated that he wants to start looking into alternative energy sources. with gas and oil that is OPEC that helps decide that price, demands, and our huge depends on oil. we need to start invest in nuclear power to power our cities

  9. Gorge R Says:

    By not being oil companies partners and putting country first not Exxon Mobil

  10. Ri Says:

    One of the best ways to lower the price of gas, is to stop buying it.

    If a person is rewarded for buying a car that doesn’t guzzle gas, like a hybrid, and a person is penalized for buying a gas hog…guaranteed, people will start buying the hybrids.

    Ford and GMC are already planning to release entire lines of hybrids (due to the fact that they can’t sell a gas guzzler for a nickle).

    There are some AWESOME cars that are being released this year, through 2010, that you should check out:

  11. Says:

    It should stay high, in fact it should be 5 dollars a gallon

    Because if it goes back to its low price,

    People won’t consider green energy or alternative fuels because "why bother gas is 2.50$"

  12. Golden Says:

    no one is going to make oil cheaper. no one. if you drill a thousand new wells tomorrow, it won’t help. it’s over. face that and sell your car. it’s time to think outside the box. mass transit or walk. those are your choices in the future.

  13. True88 Says:

    The only thing I heard Obama say about gasoline is that he’s going to raise the taxes on buying gas so..expect higher costs for gasoline if Obama wins.

    But we wont let him win. We like security and being able to afford food too much to do that!

  14. Edward C Says:

    by raising your taxes.

  15. Diane B Says:

    Obama has no plan to make oil cheaper. Neither does McCain. The price of oil is set by the world market. His plan is to double fuel economy standards and invest in alternative energy systems.

  16. McCain Is Older & WISER Says:

    He doesnt want them to be cheaper he is a far left liberal, they like high gas prices. Dubai- interesting I hear there is 180 different nationalities living there and it is pretty amazing looking , I looked it up online. Only the plan to mix races and nationalities is not working out to their liking ! Women at the beach with bikinis doesnt work for the Muslims, etc. They are building a high rise with MOVING floors its really cool looking! They are also building a amusement park bigger than Disney World! Gas is cheap there too and there are alot of jobs- If Obama wins I may even go live in Dubai.

  17. Joe E Says:

    Fact obamas plan to go after the big oil companies will raise gas prices to 8$ a gallon. how can he do anything about the oil giants when the oil is not owned by the united states? 95% of the oil we use comes from other countries he is going to make them sell it for a cheaper price? how? is total new jack horse crap!

  18. BIGDAWG Says:

    anyone who mentions liberalism or conservatism in conjunction with the price of oil really does not comprehend the actual sad situation that we Americans are in.

    After working in a commercial lending brokerage, I now see the world of finance very very differently then what I used to!!! I’ve met some very rich people while working in commercial lending and now my eyes are much more open to the reality of what is going on behind closed doors in Washington DC. The amount of UNDISCLOSED TRANSACTIONS and deal making that takes place would make you vomit knowing how much private money is handed back in forth in the business world while the rest of us stuggle to buy gasoline and pay rent/mortgages. So unless you are part of the "Closed Door Meetings" you will never ever ever know why the Politicians Pass certain laws and make certain

    So the sad truth to the question asked above is he can do NOTHING, and if he does, some very very rich powerful person will go after him just like they did to Robert K. and JFK and Lincoln etc.

  19. johnsh20 Says:

    He wouldn’t. He says he would tax the oil companies, but they would pass the tax onto consumers.

  20. Ca$$ie Says:

    Only if he destroys the previous dictator ship.
    Like they do in country’s that Bush conquered for no
    The Big Boys are coming for him and aren’t going down

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