how is gas still expensive at the pumps if oil has gone down?

how are gas stations allowed to keep charging alot if oil has dropped. Is there not a regulation to this?
If they lower the prices that will boost savings. I mean OPEC can not keep lowering there prices without ruining global economy. So now that there done raping us the gas stations are taking over. Whats the deal?
Here is the some headlines from todays yahoo news.

U.S. crude stocks have risen by 27 million barrels over the past month. Crude inventories could grow by as much as 3.4 million barrels Wednesday, according Platts.

That has not led to savings at the gas pump for many motorists, however.

Refiners have cut production because of falling demand, and retail gas prices have been rising.

On Tuesday, the average national retail price for a gallon of gasoline rose less than a penny to .928. That’s 13.6 cents more per gallon than a month ago even though crude prices have fallen more than per barrel in the same time.

Gasoline still costs less than it did last year at this time.

In other Nymex trading, gasoline futures fell less than a penny to settle at .2439 a gallon. Heating oil fell 5 cents to settle at .3014 a gallon and natural gas for March delivery fell 26.4 cents to settle at .543 per 1,000 cubic feet.

3 Responses to “how is gas still expensive at the pumps if oil has gone down?”

  1. votered2012 Says:

    I believe OPEC is restricting output in an effort to get prices to go up again.

  2. bgee2001ca Says:

    GREED, pure unadulterated GREED

  3. kork Says:

    Since the price has come down since last summer, demand has slowly increase. Increase in demand equals higher prices.