How is God different from a Mafia boss/slave owner who must have his way?

Think about it for a second, would you like to be a slave? No, its inhumane and every human should have the freedom to do whatever they want. But believing in god is just like slavery. During slavery its either you do what you are told or else they will f*ck you up. And in Gods world its either you do what he says or else he will f*ck you p as well!
Religious people try to cover up the madness by saying "its your choice". Is that really a choice? if I tell my daughter to worship me or else I will rape her, does she really have a choice? When a mafia boss tells his goons to do what he says or else he will kill them, do they really have a choice? NO
A choice is A number or variety from which to choose. So if God actually gave us a choice then it would be something like: Believe in me and come to heaven /curse me and go to hell / or go to LaLa Land where nothing happens and you cease to exist!
Thats what you call a choice because you can actually pick something thats reasonable. There is no forcing and intimidation involved. Now some of you religious people will jump and say that "God doesnt force you to do anything" but he does because NO ONE in their right minds wants to burn in hell. Thats how most kids are brainwashed into worshiping God.
Do you think if the bible mentioned a place called "LaLa land" as an alternative, that people would still want to go to heaven? NO, everyone would rather go to LaLa land because they wont have to bow down to a God every second. If I told my daughter I will rape her unless she obeys me, and then I told her she has the 3rd option of just going to live with her loving aunt. Which one do you think she would pick? Her aunt of course.
So there you have it, God doesn’t give us a choice. Once there are two options and one is inhumane than that doesn’t qualify as a choice. Its more like forcing someone to do something. if God lays out a third humane option as an alternative to hell maybe then he would become a reasonable loving God. But for now only heaven and hell exists; one of the one of the options are inhumane, which makes it blackmail. There is no love in blackmailing so God is evil!
Still disagree with me? Then go tell your child you would set him/her on fire, you will see how fast they will obey you!

6 Responses to “How is God different from a Mafia boss/slave owner who must have his way?”

  1. seeker of Holy God Says:

    there is no correlation at all

    by your logic the police are like that also

    think about it they force you to obey the law if you don’t you get fined put in jail or put in prison

    how dare they not let me do what i want to do

    how dare they not let me rape and murder children, or mug people or steal their money or kill some one who wrongs me. (sarcasm)

    so god is just as evil because he will not let me break his laws either not being able to steall, and murder, and hate people, and do evil. What a terrible god who expects me to love every one and treat every one with respect and to o no evil and to do good to all.

    my what a terrible god he is (more sarcasm)

  2. Lisa Saferian Says:

    He’s worse. At least Don Corleone wanted people who worked for him to act like men. Loving God is like eternal Stockholm Syndrome.

  3. Shade Usher Says:

    The primary difference is that there is a middleman in most religions. Quite clearly, if their is any god, then he is certainly not omnibenevolent, but omnimalevolent.

  4. Steve's Web Hosting Says:

    Mafia bosses and slave owners are nowhere near as brutal as the Invisible Sky Monster in the Bible.

  5. Sine Tangent Says:

    God is our guide, he is much like a parent. The parent does not give the child a choice, good parents will give their children the only choice of being "good". The love for the parent is not forced, but it is natural, much like the love for God. The parent must punish the child for disobedience and misbehaviors, because it is for their own good.
    Is the child a slave to hi/her parents? No, he can leave and live without guidance, much like the atheists.

  6. Hannah J Paul Says:

    You are a little mixed up on the choices. The option you refer to as hell does not exist. There is no place where God torments and tortures people with fire and brimstone. I am aware that some professed Christians teach such a thing, but the truth is that this teaching is not found in the Bible. It traces its source to Greek mythology.

    Here are the actual choices: Life or death. That is what God puts before us: we must choose life in order to live. But to live forever, one must meet the requirement. The requirement is obedience to God. Disobedience means death. Non-existence. The choices are not heaven and torture. The choices are life and death. You may live forever either in heaven (for some) or on a paradise earth. If you choose death, you go off into non-existence. That is what death is – the absence of life.

    As for the definition of choice, I am afraid that although you have hijacked the term to redefine it according to your subjective thoughts, that is not acceptable. Choice is not defined as picking something that is reasonable, no matter how much you would like it to be so. The fundamental meaning of choice is the ability to choose one of two or more options without comment on what some perceive to be the reasonableness of the choices. You have decided that death is not a reasonable choice. What you are really saying is that humans ought to be able to do anything they please with impunity. That is foolish at the very least of it and lethal at the very worst.

    Your illustration of raping your daughter, aside from being disgusting, finds no parallel in the ability to choose. Rape, by its very definition, is forced sex – without choice. God does not intimidate anyone. He simply lays out the consequences of obedience and disobedience. Obedience brings eternal life and benefits. Disobedience brings eternal death. No torture. No torment. Just non-existence. So, choose whichever you like.

    Hannah J Paul