How is paying more in taxes goin to get you more at the gas pump?

Raising taxes without cutting spending or worse increasing spending makes no sense.
Every dollar taken out of your pocket in taxes means you have less to spend,save or invest for your families.
Or to pay for gas.

It’s time to drill American oil,refine it and use it.
How many miles of American made steel pipe,wiring,plastics go in ti 1 oil well?
The tons of concrete,the computers,valves, the service roads and most of all hundreds of thousands of jobs.
Government can’t buy a better economy with taxes.
Americans can invest and grow a better economy.

6 Responses to “How is paying more in taxes goin to get you more at the gas pump?”

  1. luther n Says:

    the truth is…. demoncrats don’t want you to use "your" money the way you want to.
    their solution to all problems is,let the gubment fix um.
    look at the programs they sponsor,same sex marriage,late term abortion,destroying our military,letting the U.N. dictate our policies,and other anti-American programs..

  2. I , a Bolshevik Says:

    Why dont you start a campaign with this slogan ?

    "For the statization of all Oil conglomerates of USA"

    Many will support you, seriously !

  3. Capone Says:

    Well said my friend. Have you ever considered running for office, I’d vote for you.

    But I don’t think you will get any Democrats to join you. They believe the Government knows whats best for us.

  4. Kent M Says:

    We need to stop referring to taxes.

    There are tax rates and there is tax revenue.

    The Democrat Congress just raised tax RATES – not revenue.

  5. grumpyoldman Says:

    It is time to uncap the many oil fields that we have in this country right now, and call big oil what it is. A price manipulating monopoly. Which is supposed to be illegal.

  6. notawanda Says:

    When the taxe that are ebing raised on the corporations with the obscene profits and the wealthiest people then the average American no longer has to bear the weight of supporting programs that will aide in economic recovery