How is petroleum separated into car gas?

I was just wondering. I know that fractional distillation can be used for that, but that’s as far as I go. I also found out today that car gas has 10% of ethanol, or pure alcohol. Can you describe the process and what’s it’s called to transform (or separate) petroleum into car gas and other substances?

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  1. Nevermore Says:

    Yeah, fractional distillation & catalytic cracking is used to seperate components of crude in a refinery & petrol or gasoline is used in cars.
    But before using it, some additives are blended in it like anti knocking agents, etc. Ethanol is also blended. It burns completely & so, less smoke is released. The main functions of ethanol are reducing C emission & more importantly, to reduce gas consumption (& so, our dependence on foreign oil).
    This process as I said is called blending & takes place as per guidelines set by energy dept. & takes place in a building attached to refinery, but seperate from the actual distillation column.