How is petroleum transported into big cities that have bridges?

I’m doing s school project and one of the questions that I have trouble with is with the transportation of petroleum through bridges and tunnels. Sounds sketchy, I know … but that’s the project. Does anybody know if it’s brought through the ships or transported in tanks? Any sources would help a lot. Thanks!

4 Responses to “How is petroleum transported into big cities that have bridges?”

  1. EnviroDude Says:

    pipelines that go under the water; tanker trucks that have to travel around the tunnels, trains. barges

  2. Odessa R Says:

    the use of draw briges ships and also tanks

  3. Rita S Says:

    Have you ever seen these big tanker trucks that deliver gasoline to filling stations?

  4. pirrannah Says:

    they put the petroleum in those large bulky trucks, called tankers, and drive throught the bridge, and tunnels, when they come across one

    sometimes drivers get out of the truck ,and asks the tanker to meet him on the other side, as he hitchhikes.