How long will Americans be able to use 25% of the world's oil supply?

We have been very lucky that our leaders bribed OPEC into taking only American Dollars in exchange for oil. Back in the days when we were somebody, this translated to cheap oil prices for the United States and were could afford our big gas guzzling cars and lots of cheap plastic things.

How will we adjust to our new role in the third world?

10 Responses to “How long will Americans be able to use 25% of the world's oil supply?”

  1. oldtimer Says:

    As long as they are willing to pay for it…

  2. avail_skillz Says:

    That will end once China and Russia view us as third world.

  3. Hippie Jesus Says:

    We will continue sucking up 25% of the oil until the day it runs out or when the USA runs out of resources, credit, and power.

  4. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Says:

    20 years…for the worlds oil to be gone.

    Then the conservatives with their Hummers be like WTF do I put in this?

  5. Doorstop Says:

    Until it runs out obviously. You can use 25% of everything except nothing.

  6. do all c0ns have a lobotomy Says:

    We are going to serve the role the UK does now. They are going to get bumped down the line again. China and India will be one and two our days are numbered

  7. Alcuin of York Says:

    Considering there is enough oil supply to last way past whatever time a reasonable substitute will be developed, who cares?

    In plain English, that means at the current rate of consumption, we have more than four hundred years of oil remaining. Add to that all the undiscovered oil estimated still in the ground, and you have a lot of oil, more than enough to last till someone discovers those little trunk-top fusion reactors you saw in Back to the Future.

    This is the typical kind of question that the leftwing hysterics love to ask when they get their panties all twisted in a knot and caught between two pinched cheeks. To relieve themselves they have to come to a place like this one and "dare" the opposition to defend itself against charges of "meanness" and "selfishness" and "capitalist greed". It’s been going on for sixty years but sadly, the opposition doesn’t remember how to laugh at your ignorant questions any more.

    Go read a book and learn something, honey, and eschew the trash you get from Huffpo and mediamatters. Your question is an excessively ignorant one.

  8. One Million Angry Ants Says:

    I don’t know for certain (and neither do you) about the relationship between OPEC and the USA, I figure that there is corruption somewhere. After all there is corruption almost everywhere.

    Read the book by Kunstler, "World Without Oil". Everyone thinks cars and plastics, but the biggest impact will be food and agriculture. Read the book, it is very interesting. This isn’t a political issue.

  9. Tom Says:

    That is really not too bad when you consider that the US has 40% of the worlds known oil reserves, we just currently using only 20% of that.
    When we’ve sucked the rest of the world dry we will be the only ones with oil still in the ground.

  10. Common Sense in Exile Says:

    The US currently uses what it requires to produce 26% of the world’s goods and services. And since we have a huge domestic reserve, what’s your point.

    Every year, the known reserve of oil INCREASES, due to technology. It’s now estimated world oil supplies could be indefinite (50-100 years or more).