How low do you think the price oil will drop?

The price of crude oil has dropped by dollars each day for almost a week. I think it's down to about 4.44 a barrell right now. How low do you think it will go before it starts to hold steady or go back up? I think it may get down to 0's, but not much more than that. I'm just guessing. Does anybody have more educated insight?

7 Responses to “How low do you think the price oil will drop?”

  1. unitedcats2004 Says:

    I've read as low as $80 a barrel, but there doesn't seem to be anyone seriously suggesting it can go much below that. It's going to remain volatile as long as there is saber rattling in the Persian Gulf, no telling when that will end. Even if it does end a good part of the rise is due to ever increasing demand from Asia, and limited new oil finds. There hasn't been a killer discovery like Alaska/Gulf of Mexico/North Sea for decades..and not for want of looking.

  2. for ever king Says:

    some where about 10 to 20%

  3. angelique2272 Says:

    It needs to drop it's ridiculous

  4. Misty Blue (Lightly tanned) Says:

    My money's on it going back up again and reaching $200 a barrel.

  5. zazamatazz Says:

    I have heard some liberals/democrats screaming and complaining now that Bush is lowering the price of gas. Complaining over that. Saying hes lowering it to make the republicans look good for McCains sake.
    Crazy stuff.
    I think it will get down to around 90-100.

  6. World War III Says:

    not low enough

  7. Joe Tan Says:

    It's probably drop to about $110 a barrel and then go back up.