How low will the price of oil go?

Can it get below a barrel?

6 Responses to “How low will the price of oil go?”

  1. Danny Nd Jillian o2/14/o8 Says:

    not a chance

    better off they come out with water hybrids like they have guys making on youtube

  2. distress-rain Says:

    at that time ill buy barrles of oil instead of gold.

  3. She It I do Says:

    OPEC people got high cost of living to keep up with

  4. Anita Cocktail Says:

    up and up

    Iran said it clearly when they stated they will wipe out zionism (not israel or Jews), this meant those in office at the world ban and the white house alng with Israel will not intimidate iran into selling oil on dollars, like sadam in 2000, iran realized that selling oil in euros will cause the us a trillion a year in losses, resulting to the 700 billion bail out, imagine next year with iran how much more bail out money will be needed.

    The prices of oil however can go down when Obama speaks to Iran, trusting to stop crazies in iSrael and zionists ideological politics, maybe finaly the Jewish and Muslims can have peace, christians if you did not notice are also victems of Israeli politics.

  5. Val Says:

    No less than 3.25, I think. I think as soon as the president is elected, he or she will do some crazy stuff like invade Iran and lessen the renewables, making oil shoot up in price. What we need is someone who won’t do that.

  6. John G Says:

    It is possible.

    But not for long. The shrinking price of oil is a reflection both of the recession and the housing "bust" which, combined, have served to reduce economic activity, and with it, consumption of energy.

    But the ultimate impact of spending less is that people at some point will actually have more to spend. At some point, spending, economic activity and the cost of energy will start rising again. The question is, what economic policies in the meantime will serve to make the recession as tolerable as possible?

    What must be understood is that the mortgage problem and the cost of energy have both served to literally "vaporize" trillions of dollars -it is exactly the same as everyone waking up in the morning and finding that, overnight, thieves had stolen large portions of their money and valuables. Its "gone." Yes, the government may put it back through a transfer of money from the Federal coffers. But that’s you tax money in there, so pouring it into the problem merely has the impact of spreading the loss around a bit more evenly. We get the privilege of paying off the loan our neighbors took on a house they could not afford, and we have the privilege of lower oil costs, but no job to drive to.

    Have a nice day.