How many hope we will start drilling?

With Bush coming before congress today, who hopes that we will begin to start drilling off of our coastline etc. If you are for tell me why, and if you are against tell me why also.

I personally think it will be a good thing because we will begin to take steps towards being less dependent on foreign oil and this will also help to create tons of jobs in the oil and gas industry which is already hot in my area of the nation and is creating tons and tons of new jobs. Your thoughts…….
I also had an understanding that when drilling in ANWR was discussed in the 80’s or something that a barrel of oil at the time was like and everyone thought that was outrageously high (don’t we wish that now) but talks of drilling in ANWR started and overnight it dropped to like a barrel….if anyone knows about this as well please elaborate…

13 Responses to “How many hope we will start drilling?”

  1. Mrs Jack Says:

    We need to cut the ties that bind us to all those forgein countries, we are a rich in resources country and we have no one to blame but our government for the national debt and mess we are in.
    We need this deep sea drilling (as it actually is) to begin and to put more men & women to work.

    McCain 2008!!!

  2. Mortimer Says:

    Jeb Bush banned it off the coast of Florida. What can you do about that?

  3. Republicans wear flip flops Says:

    I don’t. Bad idea and it will not solve the oil crisis. We need alternative fuel.

  4. Greg Says:

    There are 68 million unused acres on Federal lands currently leased for drilling and over 10,000 unused drilling permits on those lands. The Department of Energy estimates that if these lands were in production, then our production would increase by over 30%.

    Who’s stopping the oil companies from drilling?

  5. itsme6922 Says:

    We inport only 30% of our oil from the middle east. Why do you think we need to start drilling here using up our reserves?? the commodity traders are the reason the prices are high..that’s it…OPEC increased 500,000 barrels and price went up…so drilling is the answer?? LOL

  6. trollazoid Says:

    Its a good idea because we can get that oil to the pump quicker than affordable electric cars can get to showroom floors.

  7. Get Lost.... In A Good Book Says:

    I’m all for it. I think we should have been doing this years ago, then we wouldn’t be in the mess we find ourselves in now.

    We need to get off of foreign oil.

  8. I , a Bolshevik Says:

    No ! that would be bad for those investors who bought Oil futures!What about all that investments made on Ethanol? Do you what more bankruptcies?

    aaaaahahaha! We love all this mess!

  9. World's Greatest Says:

    We in Florida support it and so does our Governor Charlie Christ.

  10. Chupate esa! Says:

    People are mislead, drilling will not do a thing on the price of oil. If we were to drill oil it would never be enough to surpass the reserves from the middle east. Meaning OPEC could reduce production since we will be producing that for them keeping the price equal or higher. We simply do not have enough oil in reserve to control the supply part. All we can control is the demand.

  11. Smokey says Obama sucks! Says:

    it is a good idea that should have taken place years ago, by the time this is passed and they start to build the infrastructures of these rigs it will be too late we can not wait another 10 years. People are going to get hit hard by Nov & Dec 2008 when there is no fuel or feed for any of us, or at best who can afford these nesecities.

  12. Beemus Says:

    I don’t think this a wise idea. First of all, as McCain contributed, it should be up to the state governments and not the Federal government.

    Many have proposed drilling on the Alaskan preserve, including President Bush. He has been turned down by the Congress numerous times, thankfully. This would be a terrible thing, if the oil companies were able to drill in these parts because it is just what it’s name indicates: a preserve. These massive areas of the Alaskan wild are some of the only untouched, beautiful areas we’ve got. And to drill on them would deforest the area, pollute it, thereby displacing countless species, many of which are endangered.

    Many just use this Alaskan alternative as a way out of "Foreign Dependence" on oil. But we will still be depending on oil all the time no matter who we get it from. And personally I don’t think that destroying Alaska’s wilderness is worth any of that.

    So, to sum it up, I generally don’t agree with drilling on our coastlines as this destroys the environment in which we live.

  13. king_geoian13 Says:

    I’m in support of it. However, I also think that we need to create innovations in Alternative Energies so that we no longer need to drill as much or buy as much from the Middle East. This could include giving incentives to the Automotive Industry for making "green" automobiles so that their price tag isn’t as high, as well as giving Tax Incentives to Americans who’ve invested in Alternative Energy as well.