How many jobs would it takes to get to $140 barrel oil again like in 2008?

Obama has already opened up drilling in Alaska and offshore, we have not gotten our jobs back and we are still paying .50-4.00 gallon. Even if we nationalizes the oil itself and just pay the companies to get it our of the ground for us it still would not be enough to get jobs just for the people that want to work.
It is not Obama`s job to give out permits.
Thats right, drill all you want and the companies already know what we are willing to pay.

6 Responses to “How many jobs would it takes to get to $140 barrel oil again like in 2008?”

  1. fdk Says:

    Sure he opened up drilling, just ask anyone that works in the Oil Patch

  2. Matthew D 2 Says:

    No relation. Though it is interesting that gas is close to 4 bucks yet oil is well under a hundred.

  3. Does this look unsure to you? Says:

    The only drilling he "opened" are the ones he stopped in the first place. We’re still not even touching the surface of the vast drilling capabilities we have.

  4. Peace through blinding force Says:

    Link one: "Obama says . . ." but still hasn’t allowed any permits in that area.
    Link two: RE-opened existing cites he’d shut-down after being ordered to by losing a lawsuit.

    So, you REALLY BELIEVE "if we nationalizes the oil itself" a result opposite to that always experienced everywhere, every time is pretty-much assured, don’t you?

  5. Joe Says:

    Clearly, you still have much to learn on all of the factors that affect the price of oil. Obama has done nothing to help lower gas prices, nor has his administration approved any new drilling and the ban on drilling in the Gulf is still in place.

  6. Lear 45 Continued II Says:

    He’s waiting on Brazil to sell oil to us so he can keep the price high and not create any jobs here! Jesus Liberal, wake up! We can refine more oil as we don’t have enough refineries as it is! EPA has stopped any from being built since the 70’s. The last refinery was built in 1976 IF you care to look it up!