How many years does it take to become a “Petroleum Geologist”?

I am going to college and I was wondering how many years it would take to finish the Petroleum Geologist Major..Thanks

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  1. Joachin Murrieta Says:

    I’ve been a petroleum geologist for >30years. Most if not all people entering the oil business these days have at least a masters degree in geology or geophysics – preferably from a university noted for its petroleum geology/geophysics like Texas, Texas A&M, U of Oklahoma, LSU, Colorado School of Mines and many others. A BS degree is about 4 years and if you are a fast track and ambitious you can get your masters is 2 years (because I did it). Starting salaries are ~70-80k/year.

  2. luvacat3 Says:

    I think they usually want someone with a master’s degree. So that is 4 years for your bachelor’s degree, and like 3 years for your master’s (you have to do a thesis for postgraduate science degrees).

  3. Ole T Says:

    Getting a job as a petroleum geologist without a relevant MSc is virtually impossible today. I say "virtually" because I managed, but only because I had 17+ years relevant oilfield experience and a relevant BSc.

    At that I work as a wellsite geologist only, which is really what I would prefer anyway.