How many years of oil (petroleum) is left on planet earth?

When will the oil age end and what is likely to happen after it does?

3 Responses to “How many years of oil (petroleum) is left on planet earth?”

  1. David Says:

    Global proved oil reserves are currently equal to about 42 years worth of consumption. In 1980, proved oil reserves were only equal to about 29 years worth of consumption.

    Proved reserves have generally risen faster than consumption.

    Realistically the world probably has several hundred years worth of accessible oil.

    The "oil age" will end when some other energy source is capable of generating more wealth per unit of energy.

  2. Ashley Durban SA Says:


  3. jim z Says:

    It will never run out. We may reach a time when it starts to get hard to extract. We are no where near that yet except their are political morons such as Obama and Pelosi who are attempting to put it all out of reach.