How much does a petroleum engineer earn?

i am going to go to college next year and pursue engineering are there any engineers out there that can tell me how much does a petIroleum engineer earn right out of college with a 4 year degree? I heard it’s like 50,000 and I mean that’s what im making right now working? at my dad’s company part time so I want to know if it really is worth it

2 Responses to “How much does a petroleum engineer earn?”

  1. ition Says:

    If you’re making 50,000 a year working part time, don’t bother with college.

  2. Alan G Says:

    1 – if you are earning 50 large pt – make a career out of that.

    2 – don’t go into engineering unless it is your passion. If you do what you love, the money will come. For sure. Plus, engineering is way to boring (for the first few years) to do if you have no passion for it.

    3 – petrol, chemical, and software engineers will (in 4 years) start at about double what you make now – IF you can get hired. To get hired you will need to have worked internships over the summer.

    Good Luck!