How much higher does the price of oil have to get?

How much higher does the price of oil have to get before the American people demand the drilling take place where the Democrats have so far blocked and vote those who block the drilling out of office?

11 Responses to “How much higher does the price of oil have to get?”

  1. kujigafy Says:

    liberal socialists cant wrapped their heads around the fact that WE DEPEND ON OIL regardless of how much we all WANT and would LIKE it if we had "alternative energy."

    that’s great, alternative energy. sounds good.

    but until the alternatives become economically viable and practically implemented throughout our vast nation of 300 million people (ie-the production, sale and spreading of new engines, cars, airplanes, trains, transportation infrastructure etc etc etc) we need to deal with the fact that WE STILL DEPEND ON OIL at least for the time being.

    we need to rid ourselves of Congressional obstructionists and environmental extremists who are getting in the way of our entire economic infrastructure. its irrational and idiotic.

  2. yahoo avatars are dumb Says:

    As high as it gets, people will still probably blame Bush.

  3. Mr. Know It All Says:

    I think it has already reached the point where we are going to drill for it and to hell with anyone who says we can’t; That is the old American spirit.

  4. hacker_67_39_177_230 Says:

    never, America wants away from oil, and the high prices are making alternatives cheep in comparison so guess what?

    It’s already happening.

  5. GW's IQ Salute to Americans Says:

    Dems haven’t blocked drilling for oil, mainstream media is making the Dems look bad.

  6. sketch_mylife Says:

    I don’t want to drill for anymore oil…why continue to feed our gluttony for oil? Maybe it’s time soccer moms get rid of their hummer and get a more fuel efficient car.

  7. buttercup Says:

    Well, gas is up to $8 a gallon in some
    other countries, so we’ve got a long way
    to go to reach their prices. We could drill
    if we could get the "environmentalists" off
    our back.

  8. CARL G H Says:

    i wonder my self about that . they need to allow the new drilling right now, yesterday would have been better. I still dont agree however with Rush on the free pass for oil companys. He compairs them to the people that sell beer etc. But the ecomomy of this country doesn’t revolve around beer. not every buisness can or should be allowed to rake in Billions from their product. I’d guess Rush has stocks in oil companys , though he’s to rich to be feeling the cruch most of us down at the bottom feel. PS I am a life long Conservative so dont think just a Rush bashing cause I still believe in a lot of what he has to say, just not on this that bone head dem who said the republican had the congress in Regan white house was full of ****, he had Dems running it , but he knew how to get the people (us) to put presure on them to work with him. check your history. the repubs got control for the !st time since the 50"s in Clintons second term. so back to Dems did it!

  9. Uncle Joe Says:

    Some estimates predict it will peak next year at $250 per barrel. Time to drill right here in the good old USA…….the tree huggers be damned!!

  10. bluechristy12 Says:

    Sorry but drilling will not bring gas prices down. I have seen with my own eyes here in the SW both oil and natural gas being burned off or capped off to keep profits high. YOU ARE BEING DECEIVED.

  11. ndmagicman Says:

    You are a sheep of Repub talking points and naive to boot. The Dems alone have not blocked drilling in ANWR or the Alaskan coast. These are under Congressional protection and would take a vote of the Congress to be over turned. Under Reagan and Bush Jr the Repubs had a majority in the House and the Senate and yet did nothing. Even if it was over turned there is not enough oil in those areas to make any significant change in the international price of oil. There is plenty of rigs drilling for oil in the US, almost 2,100 active rigs currently which is up 38% from last year. The US is the 3rd largest oil PRODUCER in the world. Unfortunately we are also the largest oil CONSUMER in the world. US consumption of gas is down about 3% from last year and yet the price in that same time frame has risen almost 35%. The solution is not more drilling but it is finding alternative sources for fuel.