How much longer will it be before President Obama speaks with the head of British Petroleum?

It’s been almost 2 months and he’s yet to have a single conversation with the man running BP.

8 Responses to “How much longer will it be before President Obama speaks with the head of British Petroleum?”

  1. Shovel Ready Says:

    The tactic of the community organizer is to dehumanize the enemy. Talking to the CEO of BP would violate this tenet.

  2. Thomas Says:

    Probably a few more months

    Because he’s more interested in looking like he’s trying to resolve this issue, and find out what went wrong, than actually doing so

    The teleprompter is more important to him right now. He needs to get on TV and make the American people realize how wonderful he is

    America, wake up! He’s showing you the emtpy suit that he is. You’re just not paying attention

  3. tribeca_belle Says:

    Don’t know and don’t care. It is important however for the technological experts to speak to each other about how to stop the spill.

  4. ☼Solar☼ Says:

    Are you implying that every conservation from the Oval Office of the President, needs to be posted on the Evening News? How do we know that such conservations haven’t already taken place and are current.

  5. Wizard09 Says:

    2 days 23 hours 16 minutes and 43 seconds.

  6. Injun Joe's mom Says:

    Then according to you, the head of BP should be fired for not speaking with Obama.

  7. Stay thirsty my friends Says:

    What good would that do?

  8. g Says:

    and… that will magically solve the problem?

    is BP not trying until he talks to them? lol

    why do Republicans bring up issues that DON’T matter in the least… and pretend like they are a huge deal?