How much more taxes and royalties should we put on petroleum?

If the billions in tax and royalties can’t make drilling safe, how much will?

4 Responses to “How much more taxes and royalties should we put on petroleum?”

  1. I Speak For All Liberals Says:

    60+ years between Gulf Oil spills!!

    This madness must be stopped now!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. yeung Says:

    Given how much profits these gas companies make another 20% would be a great idea.
    Plus, part of it can be allocated to a fund for future use in case of more environmental disasters.

    Given our right-wing politicians I think it would also go some way towards paying towards all the wars we have fought for these oil companies, following which they go in and ‘sign contracts.’

  3. Ian T Says:

    more than enough to keep them away!

  4. clean truck Says:

    None the government makes more on a gallons of gas than the oil companies and the retail outlets and the government does not have to do anything but sit back and wait for the money.