How much petro can get in a barrel of crude oil?

can anyone tell me that how mnay petro can be refined in a barrel of crude oil?

4 Responses to “How much petro can get in a barrel of crude oil?”

  1. kniggs Says:

    Crude oil is sold in 42 gallon barrels. depending on where it comes from will determine what portion of this is made into gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel and a portion that is left over as pet-coke. The average is 19.5 gals of gasoline per barrel of oil.

  2. carlos_cruzlopez Says:

    50 galons

  3. freethinker Says:

    No Clue, Some will say around 25 gallons because = estimating $70 barrel and $3 a gallon at the pump =23.3 …BUT…….that is gasoline… The Barrels are filled with CRUDE oil.. so were back to the begining… i have no clue.

  4. p_valdivez Says:

    50 gallons @ $3.259/10 a gallon in CA Refinerys here are under repairs cant keep up with demand since 2000