How much petroleum do you think it takes to produce a wind turbine?

How much petroleum do you think it takes to produce a wind turbine? (shipping parts, painting the structure, plastic parts, installation, manufacturing, shipping of raw materials for manufacturing, mining for the metals, transporting those mined metals, mining for the magnetic parts, shipping those magnetic parts, drilling for the petroleum used to make parts of the wind turbines in the first place, shipment of the drilling platforms, transportation of the petroleum from those platforms…? How much would ya guess?)

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  1. solis ex lunis Says:

    Not to mention the bad effects the things have on humans and animals.

    There’s a even a new medical name for it, Vibro-Acoustic Disease, caused by the infrasound emitted by the turbines.

    You don’t want to be living within 4 miles of these machines.


    "Anyone who thinks that wind factories are environmentally friendly should Google ‘Cefn Croes Photo Gallery’, to see 100 chilling pictures showing how many miles of unspoiled Welsh countryside were disfigured to create the largest industrial site in Britain: all to ‘save’ annually less than a quarter of the CO2 emissions from a single jumbo jet."

    – Christopher Booker in ‘Google here, Dave, to see the price of wind power’, news.telegraph 1/22/06

  2. Yellow Go Lightly Says:

    You are the worst sort of apologist, and the primary reason why America is addicted to oil in the first place.

    How many American soldiers died for those Big Oil contracts in Iraq which are getting written by FOREIGN INTERESTS for the first time EVER in Iraqi history?

  3. Don't be mad, brah. Says:

    Sounds like a lot…

  4. wrfine Says:

    Billions of $$$$$$$’s

  5. The Captain Says:

    Far, far less than the wind turbine saves in petroleum usage. But you already knew that.

    So, by your logic, instead of producing wind turbines to help us get off oil, we should just keep burning oil at a much faster rate today? Just because it requires petroleum to create new energy solutions?

  6. John D "Your ad here" Says:

    wrfine: "Billions of $$$$$$$’s"

    Billions for a wind turbine?? And this gets thumbs-ups? Wow.

    Any form of alternative energy is going to require petroleum to manufacture and install. That’s just part of the cost. The point is, what’s the return on investment?

    It’s obviously fairly good, since wind turbines are being manufactured and used.


    PTBF: I know exactly what he’s asking. You are out to lunch as usual.

    "Nation/states that have "invested" in them all say they are worse-off as a result".


    "Wind energy is a major source of power in over 70 countries across the world".

    Where do you come up with this crap?

  7. Thorhalla Says:

    Less then it would take for humans to be dependent on petroleum products as a fuel source for the next hundred years.

  8. Peace through blinding force Says:

    It boggles the mind that people who know they have NO IDEA about what you’re asking are nonetheless convinced they should FORCE their own will about such things to be done.
    Nation/states that have "invested" in them all say they are worse-off as a result.