How much petroleum does the Nissan Leaf use?

From an article I just read:" the first real glimpse of transportation that doesn’t rely on petroleum." I don’t live by the Hoover Dam or in Holland. All my electric comes from burning fossil fuels. If my electric came from burning just diesel fuel, how much crude would be saved by owning this vehicle as opposed to a comparable gas vehicle?

2 Responses to “How much petroleum does the Nissan Leaf use?”

  1. Zarn Says:

    Nothing, unless you didn’t drive it. In which case your carbon footprint is still huge because you bought a car you didn’t need. So, yeah, that’s much of the problem with ‘green’ motoring.

  2. John Paul Says:

    There is the electric vs emissions issue. 100% electric leaf better be on the waiting list and put up the deposit soon. Wind turbines won’t do wind thends to calm at night. Nuclear power only 15% USA generated that way. Hydro-electric clean energy. Gas fired powerplant coal fired can be made to run cleaner than an internal combustion car motor. Diesel generation of electrical power not very efficenent. Solar only works during the day. Most Leaf customers install a $2,000 charging station in there garage and get electrical energy from the grid and at 67 cents a Killo Watt hour the leaf will suck up approx $3 dollars a night. Not all electrical providers offer lower rates at night. If yours has less costly power at night that will save you money. I-pnone app allows you to set charge times and pre cool and pre heat your leaf before you leave for work.
    The USA power grid operates 24/7 so your leaf should never need petroleum to generate electricity to recharge your electric car. Tax benefits too.